Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winter in Poland

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Something quite different

Hello:) Today I would like to present something quite different in my blog. I have found some pictures of Alanis Morrisette but I don’t know when they were taken – probably not long ago cause her hair were not too long and not too short still (in 2004 she cut her long, long hair as you could see in her video “Everything” that is available to watch on her official site). In “music” section choose appropriate video and here we go:

Other sites about Alanis:

and even:

And here are the pictures from one of her last concerts:

Some people in my country commented them as “really bad” or “nothing to admire” or "she is getting older and older". I think people are so cruel. They want to watch 20 years old and nothing more matters to them - specially in show-business.

I would comment - we all are getting older and being a world-wide famous singer is in fact a hard work that still requires lot of health and energy.

Besides, does she really look so bad on these pictures? I hope the ones who cricitze her look much better, indeed.

I would like also to present some English language www pages for kids. If some parents have bit more time I think they will have a fantastic time while guiding their kids through original English language stuff produced for both parents and kids. I don’t like this omnipresent idea of changing English language from these series into national languages and producing national episodes of these series cause I think many things presented inside them are closely attached to the culture of other countries and don’t match with daily routine of other nations– moreover sound rather stupid while being translated. I think, however, in original version these series they can be a great spur to learn useful foreign language – specially on the Net.

Sesame Street:

Muppet Show – starting song:)

Some best sites about Muppets:

Hope to write more in biological aspect soon:)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Pictures from Jura Kraków-Częstochowa

Hello again:)
Look at my entry in this blog from 20 JUNE 2005 (yes 20 June) and 10th August 2005- where I started to write about Kraków-Częstochowa Jura and Nature Park Eagle's Nests Trail nearby which I live. Here are some new pictures from this picturesque and historical area. Some ruins, some natural rocks and some landscapes. These pictures below weren't done by me but I think they are worth presenting:

1. Ruins of castle in Mirów

2. Ruins of castle in Ogrodzieniec

3. Ruins of castle in Olsztyn nearby Częstochowa

4. Gate of Mr Twardowski in natural limestone rock

5. Big-Window Rock

6. Devil's Bridges -limestone formation

7. Mountain Biaklo

Beneath you can see a map of Nature Park Eagle's Nests Trail within Silesia voievodeship. Another part (much smaller) lies within Malopolskie Voievodeship (the same inside which Krakow lies). The map is interactive so if you click on it again you should see its enlarged.
You can also try to find some places from the pictures above on the new map of the Nature Park where they occur (Olsztyn and Ogrodzieniec are easy to be found there).
Maybe one day National Park will be started here???

Have a good time visiting Nature Park Eagle's Nests Trail:). You can rent some bikes or horses there and visit much more than by walking:)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Polish golden autumn -continuation

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

John III Sobieski

Today I would like to write to you two short links about John III Sobieski, a Polish king whose greatest success came on September 12, 1683. That day he won at the Battle of Vienna, with Polish, Austrian and German troops, once more against the Turks under Kara Mustafa..
The pope and other foreign dignitaries then hailed Sobieski as the "Savior of Vienna and Western European civilization." In a letter to his wife he wrote, ...All the common people kissed my hands, my feet, my clothes; others only touched me, saying: Ach, let us kiss so valiant a hand!".
Times have been changed so much since then, haven't they?

1. John III Sobieski at the battle of Vienna

2. John III Sobieski sends a message of victory to the Pope

You can read about Sobieski and battle of Vienna at these two links below:
So as you can read Polish king saved Western Europe from Turkish invasion.
Well... to be quite just I must admit that during XVII century Poland was in time of constant wars with Sweden, Russia and ...Turks that finally devasted us and lead us to losing our independence in the next century:(. So probably instead of fighting it could be better for Sobieski to care more about its own state. Because somehow it happened a century later that Poland lost its own battle for next 150 years. Why? Hmmm.... a good question, indeed!:)
God bless you all nice readers of this blog of mine:)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nicolaus Copernicus

this short entry of mine will be about Nicolaus Copernicus. Read more at the link below:
and compare a picture of Copernicus known from medieval pictures with the one done on the basis of his sculp found in his graveyard (much older man then).
I think some medieval painters were really great:)
1. A painted picture of Copernicus done in his times:

2. A computer picture of Copernicus done with help of computer techniques on the basis of his sculp taken from his grave many years after his death in his seventies :
Hope you have a good fun:)