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Continuing my blog

I'm back again. This week I will try to write more different things. Last week I had very busy and stressfull. Many things happened thus I stopped to write my blog.
But now I hope to find new interesting subjects to continue and ponder about.
But first... thanks once again to India for next set of inspiring images.
Here you have an interesting link to read:
Since Shawn Matthews had died we all need new publishers to tell us a lot of interesting things about this beautiful world.
And here is another link about living in Korea:
You can judge it on your own which blog is better.

Well... sorry that in spite of WorldCup2006 my blog is so far from this hot subject but you know - finally I am not paid for making it and noone should have any demands cause I am not doing any ordered job etc. My blog is my blog and I put here what is interesting to me and what can be useful for me - even in some parts. But I will also wirte some things about WorldCup soon:) Be patient.

So I have to write today that lately I have found a very interesting place on the Net that gives me lot of interesting things to read and topics to think about.
For example - have you ever thought over such idea?

my question is - is biodiversity of planet earth GENERALLY increasing or decresing during history of planet earth?
Do you have any datas?
Of course evolutional processes also should be taken into account.
Thanks for your clues as deals answer for my question.

and here are some answers:


arising of new evolutionary branches, as well as the seperation and spreading of many landmasses - islands and continents - and increased heterogenity in for example soil composition, have generally increased biodiversity over the ages
nevertheless.. there have been periods with decreasing biodiversity.. usually very strong, very abrupt and relatively short
we're experiencing one now, by the way... although this one has an unusual cause: humans .. and although it's a very strong decline, we don't know how long it will last

when my idea is:

You sound very interesting but... can you prove your statements somehow?
I mean give some numbers to make me sure you are right that generally the number of species increases during earth's history.
I would rather say it
oscilates in more or less the same number. But it is my INTUITION - not the result of any scrupuolus studies.
ps. people produce news species destroying others and generally species match to create hybrids and next new species.... so the general number of species would rather oscilate than increase - my opinion.

and the answer:

for the reasons i gave you, biodiversity has historically increased, i can add increased diversity of landscape, soil structure, fysical and chemical build-up and dynamic to the mix.. don't believe me, find the information... try google scholar
follow this link:

to an abstract, where it says that the global number of species has been rising substantially for the past hunder million years.. (basicly since the dino's got screwed)
i thought i made it clear that indeed, biodiversity has fluctuated, but that large decreases in biodiversity were generally abrupt, short and the consequence of large ecological disaster
have you ever seen the saw-shaped picture that represents the number of species over time? (i couldn't find it on google, but it has to be out there, good luck ) if you look at it carefully, you see that this pattern clearly.. long, slow rise of the ammount of species, followed the typical, strong, short decline and a slow, long rise again... if you find it, you will also notice the number of species reaches higher after every ecological 'crash'
as for the present economical disaster:

and my answer:

Thanks for your clues and articles but still I think problem is very complicated. really. I need some more time to read the article about tropical forests but you know - tropical forests cannot be a picture of everything whatever this everything is (my opinion).
Lately I have been reading a bit about contemporary exctintions. I also deal a lot of in ecology but models given there are rather new. Can we count geological biodiversity at all? (at this point I have to note that I have problems to open link about geological biodiveristy).
As deals current times - I am not sure the number of species is increasing.
Lets take the world today. Is it increasing today? In the past I am also not sure that the general direction of biodiversity was to become richer and richer.
I mean - one day planet Earth will finish. when? when biodiversity will be too rich? or maybe a meteorite will hit the Earth according to scientifical versions? I mean - I am very sceptical as deals idea of general increasing of biodiversity. Fluctuation - that's the ecological term that suits the best I think:)

and another answer:

the biodiversity on planet earth is thought to be at its highest peak right now; its expected that it'll start going down again.
A new mass extintion should be right around the corner
biodiversity has fluctuated throughout earth's history.

and then me again:

and what about current exctinctions? they do seem to be a big problem but you claim the general amount of biodiversity is increasing ( at the moment).
But think about invasive plants. They seem to be a big problem all over the world. Do you have any reliable scientifical datas to prove what you preach?


and other voices:

1. rather peaceful voice:

to my knowledge, i have said no such thing
the biodiversity is generally declining at a very alarming rate
where i said biodiversity generally increased, i was talking about tendencies over billions of years... not counting human interference

2. very upset voice:

how the hell do we know what the biodiversity level is?

This discussion doesn't seem to be over at the moment. I think such such forums on the Net are very useful. You can do two things at the same time - first is to discuss about very important things and second is to improve your English.

Below is another question that I raised on this noble forum full of different scholars:

Why mathematics - not philosophy is regarded to be the first science. You think mathematics is less philosophical?
i would like to see philosophy first cause in my opinion numbers are products of our imagination and they are as abstract as philosophy is.

You could never guess how many interesting answers, suggestions and ideas I found in this plot of mine!
Read me soon:)
Sorry for my language mistakes:)
To be continued soon:)


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