Saturday, June 03, 2006

India rocks again

Nice to write here again:) Though I have to say I am bit... shocked lately. They say that one guy who wrote some rude remarks on my blog some time ago (his name is Shawn Matthews) jumped out of the window and committed suicide several days ago. I don't know if it is truth or another stupid net-joke. I liked reading his blog from time to time and I even printed out several pages of his book about teaching in Korea where he described Korean cats and death of one of them. It is good to practice English and probably learn more about different countries and cultures. Very useful book. If he really jumped - very pity you have to admit.

Wow - but today I would like to present some things one guy from India has sent to me.
Of course he sent to me much more pictures but these ones I have chosen as my favourite ones. The pictures below can be divided into two groups. First group is "ONLY IN" where you can see how hard is life in some countries and how funny in others.
The second group of pictures that was sent to me from India is about gardening. Look out - strange things can be done with plants in your gardens. I hope you will like it!:)

So let's start:

only in India

only in Pakistan

only in Indonesia

only in Bangladesh

only in China

only in Hawaii

only in Australia

only in Japan

And below admire interesting garden-styles:)

Aren't these garden-styles really great?
OK. Soon I will send you more pictures from India.
Besides you will see pictures from South America. Specially from Chile. In Chile lives my favourite chat-companion and I will try to write to you more things both about Andes and Atacama desert when only I will finish reading them!:) People in Chile speak Spanish which I don't speak at all and they are really nice people who love singing very much. Just like me:)
PS1. Maybe my blog isn't too interesting but I am not writing it for such purposes and some comments should have been removed by me from it if I only could do this:)
PS2. BIG THANKS to all people who have been sending fine pictures to me and thus who make me bit wiser person all in all:) God bless you all and you are always welcomed in my e-box:)
PS3. Soon after Chile I will write some info about river Nile in Africa. Today I have seen a documentary about this African river that was very interesting.
Read me soon:)


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