Wednesday, May 03, 2006

3rd May in Poland -a translating contest:)

I would like to ask someone to "TRANSFORM" this poem to me into contemporary English as easy as it is possible. I hope this poem can be enlarged when clicking into it.
I found it on the Net while searching online through XIX century Canadian schoolbooks and I started to laugh reading it (though I shouldn't have done it probably). I would have never ever expected that downfall of Poland could be a subject of high style poetry in XIX century Canadian school reader. Of course bad example:(
On 3rd May in Poland we have free and it is our National Holiday. We celebrate the next anniversary of accepting in year 1791 3rd May Constitution that was supposed to revitalize Poland. It was the second constitution in the world. Only US was first and better:). Setting the constitution didn't help us of course and - as you can read in the poem presented below - Poland soon lost its independence. For almost 150 years the country was wiped out from political maps of the world:(((
But cheer up - today Poland is back on all maps again:)

Here is more about famous Polish 3rd May constitution:

And here is a poem that I would like to have in simplified version:)


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