Sunday, March 05, 2006

A little bit of ... Japan

After little break here I am again.
Oscars will be given today. Who will win? I think Capote will be chosen the best movie.

Ok. Now something different. I found some info about Japanese art of bonsai. Look - what wonderful trees can be grown by the hands of caring gardeners. Little miracles, indeed!
And then some pictures from Japanese gardens. How different than our ones! I think the ones on pictures resemble famous Zen garden very much. I like them very much.
It is worthy to mention that bonsai art has been started in China, then moved into Japan, while in China it died out:(. Isn't it the highest time to revive it again? ( I am asking though I am any Chineese of course)
Summing up - admire the world of bonsai trees and Japanase gardens. Little break from Catalonia views and soon - we are comming back to finish that subject.

Some bonsai:

Polish Larix decidua bonsai (without leaves)

Polish Larix decidua bonsai(with leaves)

Other bonsai:

Some pictures from Japanese gardens:


Blogger Ignacio said...

I love bonsai!!!

If they are yours, please post some notes of what you have been doing.

12:26 PM  
Blogger dalajlama said...

Hello Ignacio:)
These trees arenot mine of course.
There are too expensive.
I think each costs about 1000 dollars.
Also I am not able to cultivate such a tree. I am not a gardener.
I only wanted to pay attention on how different gardening can be. Because I was collecting some info for a little book about a Park nearby my home. And about gardens throughout centuries in general.
Have a nice time reading this blog of mine Ignacio:)

1:04 PM  

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