Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pictures from Catalonia and not only...

In this entry of mine I would like to present to you the pictures that were sent to me by one Catalonia-citizen some time ago. I must admit he sent to me also a map of his trip during which these pictures were taken but I lost this map somewhere in my e-mail box among dozens of other pictures (clumsy me again). So I hope to find the map and write you bit more what exactely was the route of the trip where the pictures were taken.
In the meantime - look at the general map of Spain and two maps of Catalonia region I found on the net. Try to locate Barcelona city from which the guy is. As you can see he is a big motorbike fan. I am not specially interested in motorbikes so I hope he will forgive me omitting all pictures of his beautiful machine. I also excluded pictures of the cities cause I don't know which cities they show. I promised to this guy that I will publish his pictures so enjoy some Calalonian views he shot though I have to sincerely admit I found quite different Catalonian panoramas on the Net (either shot by tourists or done as presentations for the eventual tourists) and probably I will show you some of them here. All in all - mountains are always lovely:)
Thank you Sergio:) Send more:)
First general map of Spain and maps of the region. You can enlarge the maps by duble clicking in the centre of them. Catalonia and Barcelona are in north-eastern part of Spain.

And below SOME of 100 pictures from Spain I was sent by Sergio from Barcelona:)

OK. That's all for today as it seems to me. In the next fascinating entry of this blog except of some different Catalonian panaromas I found on the Net I will put a picture of the traveller who did the ones above while riding his beautiful motorbike trip-around-Catalonia. Girls - hold your breaths since today;)
To be continues.
PS1. I have to admit the architecture of Catalonian mountain houses is very interesing:)
Ps2. Some days ago I read such a text on one of my favourite www sides and truly speaking I think I am still surprised - I didn't know about it! I gave this part in green colour:) In the same place I also learnt a lot of other things I didn't have a slightest notion about like, for example, the number of Irish who emmigrated from Green Island and are living around the world acknowledging their Irish roots. If you can try to guess what is the number when the number of contemporary Irish pupulation is about 4 million.
This belies the fact that Ireland has been an exporter of people since the written word came to Ireland in the 5th Century. St. Patrick came to Ireland in 432 A.D. , but the success of his conversion of the Country to Christianity led to missionaries leaving in numbers throughout the intervening centuries , right up until today. Missionaries such as Colm Cille , who travelled to Scotland , Columbanus throughout Europe and St. Brendan who discovered America in the 6th Century , long before Columbus, all set the scene for future generations of ‘perigrinatores Christi’, wanderers for Christ. Christian Missionaries from Ireland have penetrated every part of the globe throughout the ensuing ages and have left a feeling for Irishness wherever they have gone.

And here read bit more about Saint Brendan:


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