Saturday, February 11, 2006

Białowieża National Park

In this short entry of mine I would like to present to you some pictures from Białowieża National Park in eastern Poland. It is a place when natural primary eastern forest occurs.
Soon I will tell you more abut this magical place, its people and ...Polish bisons that still live there too.
To find Białowieża on Polish map you should go back to the entry of 22 July 2005 in this blog.
Then is a map with Polish national parks and Białowieża National park can be found on eastern side of Poland.
Some trees there have about 70-80 metres. And 30 -40 metres is something normal. When come home you think only 4-5 metres dwarfs, not trees here and there.
The pictures below arenot mine. They are taken from Polish net resources.
As you can see no palaces in the eastern part of Poland. Life is even harder there than in my Silesia.

To be continued soon:)


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