Friday, January 20, 2006

Mała Panew River

That's me again. It is a long time since I was here last time but I have plenty of new things to write (as usual).
Specially some things about valley of Mała Panew river. The river flows not far from my home town and it creates here a very interesting landscape. I am also very surprised that noone cares about it and noone tries to protect this river against thoughtless ...tourism.
First I would like to write more about scientifical research that was done in this area by some geographical scientists from nearby university.
The point is the river has numerous meanders where beautiful water plants still live. It is a low-land river. And some people say that it is the only lowlandish, foresty meandering river in this part of Europe even!
It creates a very picteresque landscape that should be thought as a touristic area but some people try to make ... canoe-races there and truly speaking they spoil meandering abilities of falling trees that can be found everywhere around and inside the current in this part of the Mała Panew river and which are very valid for presence of meandering processes in shallow, foresty rivers at all!
Moreover, a historical meaning of Polish word "panew" (which makes half of the full name of the river) means "shallow plate" so imagine - what a nonsence to start any canoe trips there!
Here is the map of the river where it meanders (=wind) very intensivly:

And here is what can be read in conclusions of scientifical research:
"The banks of the sandy-bottom meandering Mała Panew River are covered with trees which change channel morphology. The vertically and horizontally calibrated pole was used to study the formation of the bottom and overbank forms in Mała Panew channel.
Trunks and roots of riparian trees generate an erosional terrace. They are located behind the line of alders. Near the Mała Panew river banks originates cut and fill terraces system which is located in the shade of the riparian trees. The riparian trees which are under the influence of lateral erosion bend down and generate sand shadows. Big one originating under influence of trunks put riverbed bottom on, and small one under put tree top down to riverbed. Riparian trees also originating streamlined depressions in riverbed.
The result of lateral erosion trees covering terrace levels, which are undercut by the river, they are overturned into the channel, where they become as CWD (=coarse woody debris).
Independence in amount, position in relation to the channel axe, location and intensity of redeposition they can capture alluvia and can cause increased accumulation and erosion of the channel bottom.
Large depositional and erosional bedforms often occur of the channel as a result of the influence of CWD accumulation or individual logs, which are located in the channel transversally in relation to its axis. Main deposition bedforms occuring in Mała panew river channel are caused by CWD belong sand shadows and outwashes. CWD also generate small erosional bedforms, which belong to follows: reverse depressions, steamlined depressions and overflow kettles."

Well time for some landscapes of Mała Panew river:

And some canoe trips there:

All the pictures above aren't done by me.
In fact I think cycling routes should be done there instead of destroying the riverbed and natural overturned trees that lie and shape the river by canoes. Some of the fallen down trees are even some thousands years old and the river is too shallow and narrow to be a route of ...canoe trips. Plus rather contaminated as you can see on the pictures:(


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Blogger dalajlama said...

Hi Penny:)
I know rather little about stock and banks. Banks in Poland are totally corrupted and cheat Polish people. Big fishes here have their accounts in Swiss banks and steal money from the nation.
But what I know is that if you want to have civilisational progress you need money in all aspects of life - not only in politics! not only in Warsaw.
You should be bit more honest and human in your actions. Less rude let's say.
In Poland some people gained big fortunes after 1989 thanks to hopeless legal system. They seem to rule here cause they bought big farms for funny money indeed (now they can sell you land where YOU can raise next MacDonalds cause no farming there of course).
Other sold out the best Polish industry to the Western countries and called it privatisation (where Polish people were left jobless and out of any social securities).
Big coal mines in Silesia region were closed down. Coal miners were given (relatively) big money to start their own private business. Imagine - a guy who dug all his life under earth surface in 1992 was given some money to invest it on stock market or start his own company. It is ridiculous for a normal person as seems to me still:( Anyway Polish coal-miner bought a car and new piece of furnitures and his "invest" the money was gone for ever. Well - even worse with farmers but the last are now being helped by EU.
so hmmm... that's all I know about lottery of life.
plus yesterday I learnt what "sourcing" means!
I think it is quite a big achievement as deals my person!
all in all next entry of my blog will be about protected bats in nearby caves (ones of the biggest in Poland) and about EU project Nature 2000 in Silesian voivedoship cause such things do me the best as still seems to me:)
thanks for your you nice invitation.
it seems to be totally interesting:)
thank you for your comment.
i am waiting for the next!!!
nice day to you and everyone:)

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Blogger dalajlama said...

Any penny - Diana of course.
excuse me.

1:04 AM  
Blogger dalajlama said...

ps. I still make so many mistakes. I think that in my long answer:
(....) his "invest" money (without definite article THE) would sound better.
Well - all in all 22 Celsjus centigrades below zero in Poland - quite nice frost, isn't it? Lots of snow in my lovely Park, sun is shining (that's what I like the best) for everyone so the Park nearby my home must look wonderful ly today as I think (I will check it soon). The Park that will have a book about it soon. I also hope that probably some more money to me soon ( at last) because of some more hours to teach in local school.
In the meantime I am having a court case with educational system in my country and I had two hearings till now!
What started bad, finishes even worse:(.
Good subject for a next book!:(
I would like also notice that if capital of Poland was Krakow instead of Warsaw probably whole country could be bit better one ( I do believe in it) cause I know plenty of wise and good people here too!
I do believe they really must be somewhere only they are to scared to
say something loud!!!
Stupid idiots who have power discourage them and threaten them!
But we live in Europe and we can write letters of complain to international organisations - specially to Human Rights Organistations!
Maybe one day they will answer back at last...
I am sure about it all!!!
nice day to everyone once again

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