Saturday, December 24, 2005

Forests upon Upper Liswarta River

Hello everyone:)
Today is Christamas Eve in Poland but instead of talking to you about Polish Christmas traditions - probably I should I am in a mood to present here some pictures I did in years 2000-2005 in my landscape Park where I do my research in.
It is a kind of sentimental journey. Kind of revision of things I saw and admired. Reminescence of many afternoons and days out.
Here is a gallery of most interesting mostly non-forest landscapes and soon I will put here more comments about them. I present MOSTLY non-forest landscapes cause my research is focused within their problems and I try to assess changes within them. All pictures are done by me myself so all rights rserved of course. They will be attached to the scientifical datas and scientifical results of my research. If anyone is interested to get more info - write please:)

Now - you can try to number particular pictures and state which is your favourite one:)
I can only add that some places don't look as nice as at these pictures any longer at all:(
Putting the story different way some pictures are already mostly historical ones:(
As an ecologist and environmentalist I always feel big sorrow when people thoughtlessly destroy nature and wildlife. The more sad this fact is when such things happen within borders of legally protected areas. Who should care about it? Who is responsible? Blamed for this? Where were responsible persons when these things were happening?
Only silence is the answer mostly....
Thank you for reading:)


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