Monday, November 14, 2005

Pictures from Jura Kraków-Częstochowa

Hello again:)
Look at my entry in this blog from 20 JUNE 2005 (yes 20 June) and 10th August 2005- where I started to write about Kraków-Częstochowa Jura and Nature Park Eagle's Nests Trail nearby which I live. Here are some new pictures from this picturesque and historical area. Some ruins, some natural rocks and some landscapes. These pictures below weren't done by me but I think they are worth presenting:

1. Ruins of castle in Mirów

2. Ruins of castle in Ogrodzieniec

3. Ruins of castle in Olsztyn nearby Częstochowa

4. Gate of Mr Twardowski in natural limestone rock

5. Big-Window Rock

6. Devil's Bridges -limestone formation

7. Mountain Biaklo

Beneath you can see a map of Nature Park Eagle's Nests Trail within Silesia voievodeship. Another part (much smaller) lies within Malopolskie Voievodeship (the same inside which Krakow lies). The map is interactive so if you click on it again you should see its enlarged.
You can also try to find some places from the pictures above on the new map of the Nature Park where they occur (Olsztyn and Ogrodzieniec are easy to be found there).
Maybe one day National Park will be started here???

Have a good time visiting Nature Park Eagle's Nests Trail:). You can rent some bikes or horses there and visit much more than by walking:)


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