Friday, October 28, 2005


That's me again. Today I would like to announce that I have written two interesting articles lately and they will be published soon. First, longer, is about geophytes in a park that is nearby my home. This park is very nice and soon I will write more things about it here for sure. Though some facts should be already known. For example I have described some trees that occur there in the entry from 5 October 2005 in this blog of mine.
Now, we have autumn in Poland and soon winter will come but thinking about next spring I delivered two things I wrote last spring some days ago to my favourite editor and I am very happy they were accepted.
First article is about geophytes generally and then I described four particular geophytes that are widespread within the park. There are: Anemone nemorosa, Ficaria verna, Scilia bifolia and Gagea lutea. Second article is about a new mass location of Hepatica nobilis in a deciduous forest close to my hometown. There are plenty of liveworts in the spring there and is really hard to miss these flowers in this place.
Look at the picture beneath and admire Polish spring plants:)

1. Anemone nemorosa

2. Ficaria verna

3. Scillia bifolia

4. Hepatica nobilis

In the meantine I will try to make some shots of Polish trees in the autumn. I don't think anything as beautiful as Polish golden autumn is anywhere all over the world!
To be continued soon:)


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