Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Celts

In this entry of mine I would like to write a bit about Celts. Why? First - I think it is a fascinating topic and many people really like this culture. Secondly I think that we are mostly very unaware of what importance the Celt tribes had in past and how widespread they were:)
Here I found some very interesting links about this topic where you can read and trace on appropriate time-line that this racial group that we now call Celt were in fact Indo-European people whose culture spread rapidly across the whole of Europe, up into Scandinavia, down into the Spanish peninsula; and modern thought points to a spread over the Asian sub-continent as far as the borders of China about 1000-750 years before Christ.
On the same time-chart then we can find times of Greek and Roman culture that dominated Europe and the Celts who left continent for Ireland and British Islands (where they are mostly attached to nowadays and we can find most of information about Celts from these areas - though previously Celtic tribes had been widespread over whole Euro-Asian continent before they found their place on Irish islands).
Read also this text:
That was a very short entry of mine. Next will be about Polish trees.
You are welcomed to read it:)


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