Saturday, September 10, 2005

A lot of numbers

TodayI would like to write something about Alpine flora again. But not only:) Total amount of classified Eauropean vascular Alpine plants that appear in Flora Alpina comprises 4491 taxa including 4028 species (of which 27 are hybrids) and 430 subspecies. 10 taxa have disappeared, 161 are not confirmed both as deals their existence or non-existence. The lacking rest create other categories. Comapring biodiversity of Alpine region with others we can easily see the difference. For example plant-biodiversity of Poland is about 2350 species. Greece has about 5000 plant species and the country with biggest plant-biodiversity in Europe is Italy (5600). To compare with others - US has about 22000 plant species, China 30000 and Brazil keeps the world-record 50000 plant species. Australia has about 18000.
Germans have 3000 plants species, Norway 1700 and Ireland 1100.
Great Britain has about 1800 plant species, New Zeland 2200 and Russia 21000.
All these datas relating to plant biodiversity of particular countries are taken from Biological Tables, Adamantan Publishing House, Warsaw 2003. I hope you find these datas not too boring:)
And here are some other plants that you can meet in the Alps:
1. Lilium martagon

2. Geum montanum

3. Sempervivum montanum

4.Soldanella alpina


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