Saturday, August 27, 2005


Today I would like to write a bit about Luzerne. If you want to know where the city is placed you can find it easily on maps of Switzerland I put in my earlier entries of this blog. Each city I visited in Switzerland had something exceptional and beautiful but Luzerne seemed to me the most charming somehow. I don't know why. I would call Sion the most characteristic with its two big hills, mountainteous towns were pretty with its specific mountaineous architechture and old wooden houses from XIX century like everywhere in the world but Luzerne had its specific style and this historical climate I like so much. Talking about Lucerne I would like to start with a wooden bridge full of flower-pots (picture number 1 and 2 of this entry) that comes from XIV century as far as I remember though it was reconstructed significantly after its big fire in 1993.
What interesting about this bridge (picture number 3 in this entry) is that above heads of people who were passing (and still pass ) it -a bit beneath its ceiling - there were (and still are) placed paintings every five metres next - entitled altogether - "A dance with a Death". They were a kind of a prayer for each human being who walked along this brigde and were supposed to remind to everyone we are not everlasting on this world.
On each picture people were dancing, working or fighting - were just busy with their everyday routine while hidden -merely visibly Death was tracing their each step. I liked this brigde - major touristic attration of Lucerne - very much.
Of course many other things can be written (and soon will be) about this wonderful city where many houses are painted but the one I remebered the most.
To be continued soon:)


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