Friday, July 29, 2005

Beskid Śląski i Żywiecki

My new entry will be about Beskid Sląski i Zywiecki in Silesian Voivodenship. I like Beskidy mountains very much. They arenot specially high mountains but you can have a really nice rest while visiting them during weekend. Unfortunatelly I am not having too many time today to write more things about the most beautiful places in Beskidy and how to reach them in a shortest/easiest way but soon I will surely present more things.
Today I would like to start with two general maps - the first of Beskid Sląski, the second of Beskid Zywiecki.
Here beneath is the map of Beskid Slaski and places I like there the most:

So looking above you can see 3 black squares/rectengulars. They mark 3 important towns in this region. The biggest rectengular marks Bielsko-Biala (this city is surely easy to be found on each map because it is the biggest in the whole Beskidy region at all). Then you can see two other squares - first marks Ustron town, and second Wisla. Besides on the map above you can also see three names of three mountains underlined with black lines (and two of them additionally marked with a black ring). First of two mountains both underlined with a black line and marked by a circle is CZANOTORIA mountain which is 995 metres high and you can reach it easily without effort while sitting in comfortable chairs (let's say) or climb up (2 hours from Wisla). As deals BARANIA GORA - another marked mountain - this mountain is about 1225 metres high and no chairs to reach it - only your legs can help you but it is really worthy to put some effort and reach a peak of this mountain cause both the slopes and its peak are really rich in beautiful landscapes. Finally ROWNICA - is the last and the lowest of 3 underlined peaks on the map of Beskid Sląski ( not circled by me) that I would like to present today. It it merely 885 metres high but also worthy of climbing (about 2 hours from Ustroń) cause on its top you can have both a nice view and eat a good sausage in a pub on its peak that is really specific as you will see while visiting it.

Now time for short presentation of Beskid Zywiecki. Look at another map beneath:

This time only two rectengulars and two underlined things. First marked rectengular is at the top of the screen and marks Zywiec town - everyone who once visited Poland should know what kind of beverage is produced in Zywiec. If you don't know I can help you - the most popular (probably) Polish beer. Though I am not sure if this beer is the most popular cause I simply don't drink any beer at all:( Second rectengular on the map above marks Zwardon town - the town you have to reach (for example by train) when you want to climb WIELKA RACZA mountain (1236 m) - that is about 4 hours on foot from Zwardon. There is a hotel on Wielka Racza and you can eat something and sleep there to start new trail the next day. Of course there are many other interesting peaks and places both in Beskid Sląski and Zywiecki but I am not able to write about everything in one entry. I like Wielka Racza very much cause when you are lucky from observatory platform on its peak you can see some views of mountains that you can never forget:)

I hope you enjoy reading about Beskid Sląski and Zywiecki. You can compare the maps from this entry with the map with general view of Nature Parks within Silesian Voivodeship that I presented in my bog on 21st July 2005.


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