Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My first letter

I think today is a good day to start my blog. Good day for a begining of something that can lead me into unknown end. I don't want to reveal too many things about me. I am who I am. Much more than about myself I would like to write about other things but of course at the moment it seems to me immpossible avoiding many subjects connected with the area of my personal opinions- for example what I don't understand/don't agree with/ about things that do scare me/fascinate me. I live in Poland. It is near to Russia - eastern Europe. Starting this blog I would like to write to everyone who is interested in it about my life, my dreams, plans and things I failed in life. I am a teacher, keen on botany and plants. I need to practise my English. Probably that's the most important reason of starting my blog. But not only.
There are some interesting plants on a picture presented by me in this entry. I took it during last spring in local Nature Park. This nice meadow appears between the end of a little forest and a road. I like this picture very much cause the place I shot it at has been lasting within my memory as an oasis of silence, peace, blessed tranquility and rest. As deals plants it shows - the flower with white petals is called Cardamine pratensis in Latin. The grass at the foreground is known as Anthoxanthum odoratum. A very small white flower at the veeery foreground is described as Bellis perennis. Do you know these species? You have to be aware that many of plant species you pass in your daily routine have healing properties. I will write about it to you soon. About it and many other nice things. I will tell you more about Silesia region I come from and live in and about ten thousand other more and less important things about me and my life. Enjoy reading:)


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