Friday, July 22, 2005

General ino about Polish Mountains and National Parks

Today I would like to write to you more about Polish mountains. I think it is very important topic. Generally mountains in Poland are situated in the south of our country and we have two big mountaineous ranges within teritory of Poland. Look at the map on your left above to notice two lines at the borders of Poland - one black and another brown. The black line marks a range of Sudety mountains (one of two big mountaineous ranges within territory of Poland). The brown line marks range of Carpathian mountains (the other of two big mountaineous ranges in Poland).
Both big Polish mountaineous ranges are beautiful and worthy to visit. It is important also to add that both are very different.
Today I will focus on Carphathian mountains cause they comprise bigger area and are more differentiated as deals their inner structure. Still looking at the map above notice four colored spots within Carpathian range within the area of Poland. Starting from left side - first spot is green as marks Beskidy mountains (first of four mountaineous ranges within territory of Polish Carpathians), next is pink and marks Tatra mountains (the highest mountains in Poland), then we can see blue spot that shows where Pieniny mountains are situated (where you can flow down the Dunajec river) and the last spot, yellow, states for Bieszczady mountains (last of 4 mountaineous ranges within Polish Carphatian Mountains).
Moreover on the map above you can see one white spot within Silesian voivodeship (my place of living) and two grey rings - the upper one marks location of capital of Poland - Warsaw and second marks location of another important and beautiful Polish city - Cracow (which is much closer to my home town as you can see).
Still looking at the same map you can also check who are neighbours of Poland- starting from the west: Germans, Czechs, Slovakians, Ukrainians, Bialorusians, Lithuanians, Russians. And other neithbours are accross the Baltic Sea (fro example Swedens who attacked Poland some centures ago).

As you can suspect mountaineous areas - as everywhere all over the world - are very precious as deals their special biodiversity and beautiful landscapes so their area is protected by Polish law as area of National Parks. Now look at the map above on your right, which shows location of 23 Polish National Parks and count how many of them are situated within mountaineous parts of Poland.
As you can also notice studying the map above on your right Polish mountaineous areas are not only close to the borders but also also further in the centre of Poland. Of course these mountains resemble rather highlands than "real" mountains to climb up but also some words about their chracteristic features soon.
I hope you are not bored to death while reading my blog.


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