Monday, August 08, 2005

Some additional info about Bieszczady

Hello:) This entry of mine will be rather short casue (unfortunatelly) I have very few moments to wite here. But soon I will do another longer entry as I suppose. Today I would like only to complete my last entry with some more info about Bieszczady. So I will start with putting in my blog two pictures with a peak of Tarnica (highest mountain in Bieszczady as you could read in my last entry) that show a big cross that is placed on it. It wouldn't have been visible in my last entry, unfortunatelly. I would like to add that on most of Polish peaks crosses are built. And some even light by night. I remember such a steel lighting cross somewhere in Pieniny mountains cause I slept nearby it. When I was younger it was my usual habit to sleep here and there when the weather was OK. Once I bought great sleeping bag addressed to people who would like to climb Himalaya mountains and since then I didn't care too much unless rain was pouring down. So here are two pictures with a cross from Tarnica peak:

I hope you like two pictures above. Besides in this short entry I would like to present two other pictures with blooming pastures in Bieszczady (the same I described in my last entry). Some people advise to me to put some more pictures with plants into my blog. Let it be:). Well ... on the other hand, however, it is very hard to state in my case what plants can we see on these pictures I enclose beneath cause at least on my computer screen they are rather blurry. The navy-blue colour plants are probably representatives of Gentiana species and the violet flowers probably belong to a representatives of Centaurea species though I would not give my head to cut that I am right at this moment specially what deals the second possibility. In case of yellow plants probably Linaria would be the name of their, however, still I have also many doubts. All in all you must admit these all flowers surely can enrich each mountaineous landscape. All species of Gentiana are legally protected in Poland.

Soon I promise to write something more about some other mountaineous plants. Have a good day:)


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