Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some pictures with forests on Babia Gora slopes

Hello:) Today I would like to write some words about forests on Babia Gora slopes. I found some appropriate pictures to show some more things as it seems to me. So as you can see on the picture beneath when you want to reach the summit from Zawoja town you will go a path formed in shape of stairs. This solution has both advantages and disadvantages. Its biggest advanatge is that little chances you will fall off the steep slope, disadvantage is that both climbing up and going down these stairs is even more tiresome than walking "normal" trail.

Well but talking about forest - first you will be passing deciduous forest - mostly with beeches inside it as on the the next picture below:

Then after reaching level of Markowe Szczawiny chalet (about 1100 above sea level) you can notice forest has changed from deciduous into corniferous. Starting with Markowe Szczawiny (more or less) you will follow a trail like on the picture beneath and mostly spruces and pines within it.

It is also worthy to mention that forests in National Parks are natural. So you can see dead trees inside it and all these natural ecological processes like growing and dying that are invisible in lowland forests mostly used for human needs. And it is something really great to see these all dead giant pines and spruces eaten by worms as something normal. On the other hand on these dead logs you can see many new seedlings and this is also great thing to notice how nature can always cope without human beings.

Well that's all for today cause I definitely don't have any time by now. All I would like to add to this story is that Markowe Szczawiny chalet is rather expansive and ...noisy. It is really awful to see there all these noisy people who climb there from Zawoja to drink. They have backpacks full of different beverages and when people want to sleep because they are tired be prepared to put something into your ears cause it is almost impossible to sleep there mostly! Another awful habit used by owners (insetad of preventing such awful behaviours at all and forbidding drinking there) is that when people inside chalet are totally loud and hour is late they switch off electricity and lie it is switched because of outside troubles. Also they rather throw you out into the snow than allow to sleep on the floor when you don't have money for a bed there (really almost no difference I can see between the bed and floor there). That's all for today - to be continued:) I hope you enjoy my stories well:)


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