Friday, August 26, 2005

some more things about Switzerland 2005

That's me again. After some rest time to go back to my my blog. Don't think it is something easy to write about Switzerland. I am trying to collect all things that seem to be interesting to me but time and again I am having problem which one to choose!
So I will start with a map of my route marked with black lines on the map beneath. The places where we stayed bit longer (a day or two days for example or half of a day) are marked with black ringes. It wasnot my first time in this Alpine country but I have never seen such large parts of it. The highest mountain I climbed till summer 2005 (as deals Switzerland of course) was 2600 metres above sea level and is placed in the region I marked with a yellow ring on the map beneath. This year from observatory platform placed on Klein Matterhorn I could see the higesht mountain of Europe - Mont Blanc - cause visibility was really perfect that day and I decided to go into Mont Blanc region during my next trip. It is important to admit that when visibility and weather conditions are great is nothing big to see Mont Blanc from Geneva, Sion or Montreux. But this time I could see it only from Klein Matternhorn.
The map beneath isn't ideal and some places/towns I was at are not marked there at all but with a lapse of time I will try to find better maps and enlarge to you some regions plus present many interesting things about them. I want to come back into Switzerland at once of course.
I have learnt a lot of about Alpine flora (bought some books of course) and brought many souvenirs (like a whistling Alpine marmot). I also visited botanical garden in Geneva and could compare it with famous Kew Gardens in London I saw last year (I must say Kew gardens were bigger for sure but also generally better as deals taking care of plants that grow there).
Generally I think Switzerland is fascinating country, everyone should see Alpine glaciers or any glaciers at all and visit Switzerland at least one time in life. I can assure you that you are able to spend lots of money there and you will not notice at all that you are without them soon.
But you will not be regreting. I can assure you.
To be continued soon:)


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