Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some more pictures from Kraków

Today short entry of mine with only few pictures from Kraków. Of course there are many more interesting and beautiful places and relics in the city but the ones I chose seem to be the main features of it that can make visitors breathe in some of the best of Polish cultural and spiritual -from administrative point of view nowadays only historical- capital.
I hope you will like it:)

1. the biggest souvenir-shop in Kraków City Market - Sukiennice

2. Famous Mariacka Tower and streets leading to it

5. architecture of Kraków

4. one of numerous parks of Kraków - Planty

5. Picture gallery in a place called Barbakan

6. Wawel Hill with castle and cathedral

For me Kraków has a very special meaning because of many reasons and it will always have:)
Nice visitng:). Nearby Kraków you can visit Ojcowski National Park that I had described in earlier entries of this blog (you have to find it) and Wieliczka Salt Mine about which I will write you more soon. This famous salt mine is closed nowadays and opened only for visitors but it is worthy to go and visit it cause there are many things to see inside - like salt sculptures etc.
See you soon in Kraków:)


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