Friday, December 30, 2005

some Christmas e-cards

It is a long time since I wrote here last. On Christams Eve I was not in mood to write about Christmas in Poland. But on 24th December 2005 I obtained three nice cards from China from a Chineese student who will have an exam soon and thus he has produced some e-cards to pass it (as far as I understand).
I think all his cards are really great. I would give him the highest mark at once.
Well... today Poland has been flooded with snow and snow is falling and fallling here at the moment. I think Christmas should be today.
Thus I think it is a good moment to present my postcards from China.
How Christmas in Poland looks like? Generally we start celebrating Christmas on 24th December when we eat Christams Supper.
But I think it should be added that church goers begin Christams time in the beginning of December when Advent is started in Catholic Church. Advent= waiting with lighting lamps=vigil waiting. Kids go every day to church during Advent time with special lights and do different activities to prepare the best they can for Christmas time. Of course everyone is invited to participate Rorate Mass during Advent but mostly only kids run there and older ladies who scold them for their misbehaving (if any).
As deals 24 th December a lot of Polish regional dishes is served during Christams Eve Supper but a carp is the most characteristic and general food. On Christams Eve people get their presents and carrols are sung after supper. Polish carrols of course. Then people rest and at midnight go to the Church for Midinight Mass called in Polish "pasterka" what means "shephard's mass".
Aha- a Christams Eve Supper is started when first star appears on the sky, presents are given by Santa Clause (mostly) but in some regions (for example in my native Silesia) Infant Jesus leaves presents for kids under Christams tree. Besides people break special holy -bread among themselves after eating a Christmas supper and wish all the best to one another.
Besides that day once a year Catholic people in Poland pray before and after meal. In my region praying before and after Christams Supper is still practised - I don't know how is elsewhere.
Well ...that's all as I think. We have two days free (25th and 26th December) and then people go back to jobs. On 24th December everyone works shorter than usually.
On 25th and 26th people in Poland eat normal dishes and all they prepared earlier.
Of course the ones who can afford it.
They go to Church if they like or do other activities. They visit one another.
That's all by now. Here are the cards from China though I have to say that in their original version the first two have some nice visual effects like some falling snow outside the windows, Christmas tree lights shining all over or colourful sparks of fire, some little toys moving etc. Nothing like this on the version you can see in this blog of mine. Don't know why. Really. Just disappeared:(

Thank you China:)


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