Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hello :)
It is a long time since I wrote here last time. Today my first entry in January 2006.
This entry will be about phytosociology - the branch of ecology I deal with. In this very short entry of mine I would like both to write some more things about phytosociology in general and present some pictures I have done today in the park nearby my house.

Soon I will explain more about phytosociology that was previously invented by Polish scientist Josef Paczoski. Personally I think his descendants made a very big mess in first ideas of their pioneer Paczoski but as it seems to me I am alone in my thinking so better let sleeping dogs lie.
All in all in the world - specially in US - the phytosociological research is done using quite different methods and reading these works I think it does resemble real ecological science and ecology much more than messy Polish descriptions I have to read though l I cannot find online any general system of classification that is being used in US or in the rest of civilised world or outside Europe and continent at least today. Maybe during next Net searching I will have more luck:)
By now short definition:

What is Phytosociology?

Phytosociology is the study of the characteristics, classification, relationships, and distribution of plant communities (The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd ed). It is useful to collect such data to describe the population dynamics of each species studied and how they relate to the other species in the same community. Subtle differences in species composition and structure may point to differing abiotic conditions such as soil moisture, light availability, temperature, exposure to prevailing wind, etc. When tracked over time, species and individual dynamics can reveal patterns of response to disturbance and how the community changes over time.

And some pictures of my Park taken today. Frosty winter in Poland as you can see, with lot of snow but very sunny day today at last. Welcome to my blog for the first time in 2006!:)


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