Friday, February 10, 2006

Nature is inspiring

Yesterday I found some photos sent to the gallery of one of most popular Polish www sites about nature. I loved some photos there! They are great! Look!
Most had titles given to them by their authors. Some titles were usual - other funny. I gave to some of them my own proposals:

1 This picture had a simple title "Animal". I would change this title for "My last headmaster".

2. Next picture was called by its author "I don't like zoo"

3. Picture "A am working hard"

4. Picture called "I am beautiful"

5. Picture called "what's on"

6. Picture called "A frost"

7. Picture called "No human touch" with a reserve in Białowieża National Park

8. Picture called "Polish poppies" with poppies on the fields in eastern part of Poland

9. Picture called "toads in spring "

10. Picture called "stricken by flashes"

11. Picture called " stay or jump?"

12. Picture called "A deer and her offspring"

I think these pictures are really good. My congratulations to their authors.
Specially squirrel - I love these pictures.
All were taken in Poland and present Polish wildlife.
Which one you like the most???
PS. I received one post to my dalajlama address. Someone liked my blog and wanted to chat me with. I would like to ask this person for writing to me once again cause during cleaning of my e-box I removed this letter somehow. Clumsy me!:(


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