Monday, February 27, 2006

Catalonia on different pictures:)

Hello - today I would like to present you Catalonia-Barcelona and some other Catalonian cities, Costa Brava coast, and Pyreneje mountains on other pictures that I found on the Net.
I must admit I liked the views:)
Let's start with Barcelona's views, then Costa Brava and general panorama of Pyreneje mountains - but first physical map of Catalonia region that you can enlarge by simply double clicking - the borders of Catalonia region are marked with pink colour:

And now some views:)

1. famous Barcelonian cathedral (of saint family) still under construction (designed by Gaudi):

2. general panorama of Barcelona:

2. the Barcelonian park with collumns designed by Gaudi:

4. the house of Gaudi in Barcelona designed by famous architect:

5. a seashore in Barcelona

6. a park with acacia(?) trees in Barcelona

7. another panorama of Bacelona

8. a park with plantas in Barcelona

9. famous(?) two towers in Barcelona

10. a small, cute street in Barcelona
11. next panorama of Barcelona city

12. plants in Barcelona

13. empty beach in Barcelona

Ok. Now some pictures from Costa Brava seashore. Wow - that views! And two pictures with snowy Pyreneje at the end. I think I love Catalonia:)

See you soon - in next entry pictures of two other big cities in Catalonia that I didn't mention this time. Read me soon:)


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