Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unknown India:)

Hello people:)
In this entry of mine I would like to present to you some more pictures that I got from India.
I had to choose some of them. I tried to choose the ones most...interesting, catchy, the ones that can give you a good picture of what India can be like. Maybe my pictures will chnage your view on many things?:) I hope so:) Because I have no doubt that India is a great, great, long lasting and still unknown country, full of different cultures and challenges. As a biologist I would be always the most intersted in Indias biodiversity but I am far from India and I don't know too much about the last.
Look then at the pictures I got and form some conclusions at the end of this presentation:

1. Mumbai University

2. Mumbai Vctoria Terminus

3. Gateway of India - Mumbai

4. Aishawarya Rai - Miss World 1994 from India

5. Yukta Mukhi - Miss World 1999 from India

6. Priyanka Chopra -Miss World 2000 from India

7. King of the Bollywood -Sahrukh Khan

Now time for summing up:
1. these pictures were THE EASIEST to present to you India (one port city + some nice people). I got about 60 but as deals pictures with wildlife I would have to read more to present them:(. No time I have to explain them to you - but if someone is interesed to have a look at them - let me know:)
2. India have got 3 Miss Worlds lately. Not the worst! Next Miss World competition will be held in Poland as far as I know:) Beauties all over the world - you can apply:)
3. Now my question for people who read this blog and are from India - where exactely Bollywood is situated?:) In the north? In the south? How does it look like?:)
Thanks for reading - to be continued:)


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