Saturday, March 18, 2006

teaching in rural area 100 years later

I am trying hard to read on-line version of one book in English and today I have found a part that amused to a highest degree. I think regardless century and country some things are really unchangable! Only 100 years ago teachers could whip disobedient pupils. Today they are probably diagnosed with ADHD and the more asked to be left in blessed peace forever.
All in all, I love this part below somehow. What a truth! Besides you can read here that teacher's life is a bad thing each epoc cause (s)he must fight with everyone. It is so boring and tiring!:(

"(...) I'm tired of teaching in a back country school. Some day I'm going to write a treatise on `The Trials of a Country Schoolmarm.' It will be a harrowing bit of realism. It seems to be the prevailing impression that we live in clover, and have nothing to do but draw our quarter's salary. My treatise shall tell the truth about us. Why, if a week should pass without some one telling me that I am doing easy work for big pay I would conclude that I might as well order my ascension robe `immediately and to onct.' `Well, you get your money easy,' some rate-payer will tell me, condescendingly. `All you have to do is to sit there and hear lessons.' I used to argue the matter at first, but I'm wiser now. Facts are stubborn things, but as some one has wisely said, not half so stubborn as fallacies. So I only smile loftily now in eloquent silence. Why, I have nine grades in my school and I have to teach a little of everything, from investigating the interiors of earthworms to the study of the solar system. My youngest pupil is four -- his mother sends him to school to `get him out of the way' -- and my oldest twenty -- it `suddenly struck him' that it would be easier to go to school and get an education than follow the plough any longer. In the wild effort to cram all sorts of research into six hours a day I don't wonder if the children feel like the little boy who was taken to see the biograph. `I have to look for what's coming next before I know what went last,' he complained. I feel like that myself.
(...) Tommy's mother writes me that Tommy is not coming on in arithmetic as fast as she would like. He is only in simple reduction yet, and Johnny Johnson is in fractions, and Johnny isn't half as smart as her Tommy, and she can't understand it. And Susy's father wants to know why Susy can't write a letter without misspelling half the words, and Dick's aunt wants me to change his seat, because that bad Brown boy he is sitting with is teaching him to say naughty words.
As to the financial part -- but I'll not begin on that. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make country schoolmarms!(...)"

Besides I am reading on-line "Promised Land" of Reymont in my Polish language. I like this novel so much! 100 years later the same sad reality! Soon another Marx and Engels will have to be born again to fight for better fate of industrial worker:(
Well ... all in all I hope not to get blind soon!
Read me soon!:)


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