Sunday, March 12, 2006

A little bit of green again:)

I have been looking for some on-line English stuff to read and DVD for some students of mine and I found "Anne of Green Gables" movie. What a nice net finding! Indeed! Maybe it wasn't favourite book of my childhood but I liked the movie based on L.M. Montgomery book very, very much.
I think Megan Follows was really great as Anne Shirley. Neither too pretty nor too ugly. Really great part for her. And the actor who played Gilbert Bythe in this series - oh - he was even better!
Breath taking - indeed! Hahaha - great movie it was. I loved it.
Well.. where these all such great guys like he dissapeared somewhere... and WHY?
How nice is to find something like pictures from this movie on-line.
Well... in my childhood I mostly read books about Mary Poppins. Nice books, too. I loved this German-like nanny, her style and adventures. I think it would be good to make a good movie about it too. I cannot find anything about Mary Poppins on-line. I don't like it.
Besides I loved Robinson Crusoe adventures. Probably I liked this guy and his adventures the most. Well... but there are plenty of movies about Robinson Crusoe.
Of course - his life is far from life of one Canadian orphan.
Besides (as deals fiction) I mostly read Verne's books and Twain's books (a bit) + Stevenson's books ( a bit too) as far as I remember. Much more I liked reading about archeological discoveries, stories about deciphering Egyptian hierogliphes, about ancient civilisations, about digging up Troy or about yeti-monster, Loch-Ness monster etc.
I liked stories like that.
Besides I spent my chilhood in communism and as much as books I read I remember I never could buy bread on Saturday cause bakers were never able to bake enough amount of it for people and sometimes I had to queue even 3 hours to buy a bread on Saturday!
We had a field and some crops there and we were spending almost each holiday in Germany with our family who still lives there. I loved going there cause they had wonderful mountain waterfall in the garden, beautiful river in the garden and a perfeclty clean swimming pool where I learnt head-jumping. Sometimes they were comming to us. It wasn't as great to me as you can suspect. No great swimming pool that year:(.
Once we bought bikes there. All kids from my street envied me my fantastic bike. My brother had the same but he spoilt it much faster than me. But I am not sure.
Well... I never liked comming back to Poland from our German holiday. But we were bringing a lot of toys and sweets and food here and it helped to adjust to Polish reality again.

Well - and now you have some chances to remind stories from your childhood and pictures from - probably - the best TV series about Anne of Green Gables.
I even found one Chineese site about her. It is increadible that Chineese people can also like the books about Anne Shirley and write www.pages in china letters about it! Interesting:)
And here she is - little orphan from the movie and Canadian actress Megan Follows who played her:

Reading a bit about the movie I read that its director was sometimes scared of how Anne's Shirley hair looked like sometimes. I am not surprised at all! I also was stunned how these vilage-women could have such hair-styles! But the movie hair-stylist was explaining to him that Anne Shirley had to have...eccentric and original hairdressing because such was her personality.

Well - I also read that the actress who played Diane in that movie was Katherine Hupburn's niece or someone from family of this noble actress and while Katherine declined Marilla Cuthbert part - the same she proposed later Diane as Anne Shirley. Hahaha, isn't it? But finally she got Diane's part. Not the worst too after all.

And here we have Gilbert Blythe from the movie. He was the best - what a nice guy. I read the guy who played his part didn't have to make too much effort to play him, that he was a son of Toronto mayor and his mother's name was...Shirley Anne. Nothing strange he got the part - but he was great match for Megan Follows in this movie I still think.

Well ... and what do you think about this Anne Shirley? Quite different, isn't it? Too sweet in my opinion and still too pretty.

But talking about movies... well... lately I have read that one actor who plays John Paul II part in US movie about John Paul II (presently on in Polish cinemas) that he is a father of...Angelina Jolie. Good Lord - I thought - less famous father of more famous Angelina Jolie plays a part of John Paul II. Hmmm... I like this actress since her part in Alexander the Great movie. I liked her as a mother of Alexander the Great.
Well is strange sometimes, isn't it?
OK - soon I am comming back to Catalonia district.
Nice day for everyone here:)


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