Sunday, April 30, 2006

Robin of Sherwood

I really wanted to add my next entry about India but I decided to put some pictures of "Robin of Sherwood" movie. The movie was broadcasted when I and my companions where about 10 years old. Look - everyone could shoot there. They had beautiful arches and lived in forest.
Just like me and friends from the same street. We were building our arches and arrows and were shooting into the air in nearby forest. Oh what a beatiful movie - india has to wait bit longer, I am afraid:( And here are some pictures:)

1. Beautiful Robin Hood number 1.

2. Beautiful Marion

3. Happy couple.




7. Happy team




11. Fair haired Robin :(

12. Marion and her two boyfriends

13. Who was bad in this movie?

14. Another "bad" guy

Well... in Poland we have similar character to Robin Hood. It is Janosik who was robbing in Pieniny mountains. But he is much...yonger than Robin Hood. Polish Janosik lived in XIX century. And was killed - hanged of course:(
Ok - next time I will write you more either about India or about Janosik from Pieniny mountains. Read me soon:)


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