Saturday, May 13, 2006

Next weekend again:)

Next weekend has come at last. Again nothing new on Polish TV:( Still another part of Anne of Green Gables story (that I have already seen 4 times!!!) and besides nothing special as I guess:(
What may be interesting I found a very nice Coldplay video on-line with the Green Gables story as main motive. Very nice broadcasting as it seems to me. But too much romance story there and too little Pringles story when in my opinion life is nothing more like constant fighting with different Pringles and Pye that are not shown in the video in appropriate number or rather that aren't shown in this video at all:(
I would rather make such a video for healthy counterbalance:)
But here is the video that I found. Enjoy Coldplay music:

I hope you will like it too:)

Besides I would like to present to you lovely "made in India" bags that you can buy and use.
Very nice. These two I found on the Net and they are rather cheap (leather-imitating), others are made from leather and are much more expensive. I love such colourful things:)
Maybe you can find such bags in shops in your countries and buy them there. I bought mine India-made bag in ordinary Polish fashion-shop:)

Nice weekend to everyone:)


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