Friday, May 05, 2006

Weekend on Polish TV

Before I resume my writing about India I have to write that nothing interesting on Polish TV during this weekend again:(.
Two things I noticed worth mentioning:
1. Anne of Green Gables - the sequel (tomorrow)
2. Wild Europe - Taming the Wild (on Sunday).
In the first case I am dissapointed they broadcast the sequel instead of beggining. In the second case I am dissapointed that I had missed the 4th part of my favourite movie last Sunday:(.
It is a computer BBC series and the movie is really great to me.
Some pictures from the Green Gables sequel beneath - a movie I like cause I am also a teacher. The sequel is good too. Anne Shirley wasnot liked too much both by Josef Pye and Pringles clan. :(
Moreover I read somewhere Lucy Maud Montgomery (also teacher) was quite sick as deals Anne Shirley and she didn't like to talk about her hero at all:(
I hope one day they will decide to broadcast Pride and Prejudice (I haven't seen it yet while Anne of Green Gables I saw about 4 times or more!). Probably now it is too expensive but I will send an e-mail to Polish tv about it:)
OK - and I have to say that I started to be interested in Bollywood lately. It seems to be really interesting subject. All these Hindu Miss World make their career as top Bolywood actresses. I have to read if they are better as deals scandals than Hollywood stars or more humble. Ok - that's all by now. Wild Europe - I like it:)
Some pictures from movie number 1. As deals movie about Wild Europe - no on-line pictures, unfortunately:(


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Blogger dalajlama said...

Thanks for your nice comment:)
Very nice indeed:)
However, I think the story about an orphan from Green Gables should have quite different comment. Finally she married a doctor and doctors are never jobless though noone claims all are paid well. But, personally, I believe once day Anne Shirley came to conclusion that is better to be a doctor's wife than fighting with different "Pyes" "Pringles" till the end of her days.
And she did it.
We all remember she was teachers kid so she had teaching in her bloood probably. Thus she was allowed to teach in Avonlea at all. Plus we should remember Gilbert helped her to stay her cause Avonlea prefered him than her.
hehehe:(. Life hasn't changed much here and there. I think Lucy Maud wished many times to be teacher's kid thus she made Anne the one.
Finally both women married and left teaching for writing and for kids.
Just life. I think this story is very possible. ALMOST probably:)
Well.. dear Avonlea... Jesus Christ...:)

9:49 AM  
Blogger dalajlama said...

Little correction:
1. I believe ONE day
2. blOOd
3. to stay THERE

9:54 AM  

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