Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI in Poland- the sequel

In this entry of mine I would like to show you some more photos about Benedict XVI in Poland.
Today Benedict has visited Wadowice in the morning ( the town and house where Pope John Paul II was born), then he was in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska sanctuary and in Łagiewniki Sanctuary of God's Mercy. All these places aren't far from Cracow.
Łagiewniki Church is rather young. It commemorates saint Faustyna Kowalska - Polish nun who was a prophet of God's Mercy and had some visions of Jesus. She lived before I World War. She was very poor and died because of tuberculosis at the age of 33. Of course noone believed into her visions at first. Now she is canonized.
Ok. But I would like to tell you about something more. Look how Benedict XVI travel.

Below there are the pictures of his staying in Czestochowa yesterday in the afternoon. He spent there several hours praying in front of holy icon and blessing people who came to listen to him.

Two last pictures of this entry were taken in Crakow yesterday. During his pilgrimiges to Poland Pope John Paul II had a custom of opening the window of his Cracow's bedroom (in the Archbishop's Palace where he lived before he became Pope John Paul II) in the evening and talking to young people who were gathered under. Yesterday Pope Benedict did the same:)
I have to say that Pope Benedict speaks really good Polish. One year after the death of Pope John Paul II he is almost fluent in Polish - specially as deals parts of masses and blessings but not only. For me it is really stunning. He reads quite large parts of his sermons in Polish too. My regards to Benedict XVI.

Read me soon:)


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