Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grunwald 2006 - photo report

that's me again - this time I want to show you first pictures I found on the Net from Grunwald Battle 2006. I think they are really good. I don't have too many opportunities for fun and joy last days so the more I like these pictures taken by plain, private, cipher camera. The summer in Poland is totally hot this year- like 596 years ago. They say the batlle at grunwald was one of most important ones in medieval Europe.
Enjoy the pictures, please. Next entries - soon:)

Of course not everyone can afford such an expensive hobby like pretending to be a medieval knight. It is a hobby of rich people who have very good jobs and can afford paying for making such an armour for them like you can see on the pictures above.
Ufffffff - how hot it must have been for knights to fight in such heavy armours.
But I think it is worthy to remind such things.
Read me soon:)


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