Sunday, July 09, 2006

my further discussing ecology and phytosociology

in this entry of mine I would like to present to everyone some parts of my discussions about ecology and biodiversity to people all over the world.

you discuss here nicely about many important questions - so once again I would like to ask everyone who reads this plot - what is current state of biodiveristy? Is it increasing or decreasing and what proves can you give for that (what articles etc). Another question of mine is what you know and what do you think about phytosociology. Does phytosociology have any future or not?
Which direction should phytosociology take to be readable, communicative, easy to understand. What do you know and think about US phytosociology and European system. Which is better? Express your ideas freely.


From all sources, that is from all media, from working scientists, and from personal observations, it appears that biodiversity is in catastrophic decline. As the human population explodes in numbers, exploits all natural resources, and paves over natural habitats, there is the greatest dying of species in progress that the planet has ever witnessed. Greater than the K-T extinction that ended the reign of the dinosaurs, by far.

What do you see?

Hmmm... not too many answers if you can see. And I don't know how to reply to this human being.

Better I will present here some interesting things that I found some days ago.
I will use them in my thesis :

Read here:


Community ecology;
time (succession)
space (phytosociology).

What is a community?
A group of organisms which “tend” to co-occur

Modern individualistic concept

No such thing as a community…there are only species.
Sure species co-occur but it is a coincidence…..
they do not constitute a single super-organism…the community.
……balance and interconnectedness of nature
“thou canst not stir a flower without troubling a star”
…..flux of nature (and terrible poetry)

Gaia hypothesis…globe as self-regulating self-organism
is being taken seriously….back to the super-organism!!!

I like these hypothesis very much. Indeed!
They explain many problems and link phytosocioly and ecology in a very proper way.

That's all for today.
To be continued soon.


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