Saturday, July 01, 2006

Views from Wielka Racza in Beskidy mountains

It is me again - time flows by faster than we can even imagine. It was July 2005 (one year ago) when I started to write my blog about Polish wildlife (cause at first I had such a purpose in mind).
I wrote my first posts about my Nature Park, Silesian landscape parks, then about nearby mountains and polish national parks. I also added some historical informations, current international news, info about my travels. The rest of things put in my blog are geographical and ecological as it seems to me.
If you find my posts from July 2005 (specially from 29 July 2005) you can find on maps where Wielka Racza lies. This is the hghest mountain of Beskid Żywiecki (1236 m n.p.m). The one I remember very much. You should go to Zwardoń to find a route and climb in pains (or without). Maybe soon I will go there for a couple of days to rest a bit. I am not sure. See you there on a track:)
And beneath I put some views from Wielka Racza. India must wait a bit though India rocks!
Yesterday I read that India is the biggest democracy of this world. So it must rock, musn''t it?
PS. I would never ever thought about India as the world biggest democracy. I would rather think that people in India are little proned to rebel and rather peaceful. That's all.

And here is Wielka Racza:

PS. You can be surprised why I am writing about Wielka Racza today but I have my own reasons. First reason is that yesterday I found a series of articles in popular Polish mountaineous magazine about Żywiecki Nature Park that celebrates 20th anniversary of its origin. Second reason is that I want to rest for a moment and no better place to rest for me than in mountains. We live very far from the sea as you can check on the maps of Poland. See you soon:)


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