Friday, August 11, 2006

Pictures I took yesterday:)

There are some pictures I took yesterday. I like them very much. They are done in one dying nature reserve not far from me. The reserve is drying out. It is a very sad story, indeed. However, noone seems to be interested in saving this wonderful place.
Lately, I have written one article for local newspaper with kind of appeal to local authorities for doing something with these wonderful marshes that are drying. So many water-birds will lose their habitat:( Does anyone care at all? Will they print my article at all? I hope for it but will someone be at least bit ashamed of what is happening to this picturesque site that should be our pride and a landmark?
We will see.
The reserve consists of two shallow ponds that are almost totally dried out.
The road is dividing them.

I hope that you like my pictures.
Read me soon:)


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beautiful pictures Keep going

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