Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Warsaw Uprising - 1 August 1944

This time I would like to commemorate the next anniversary of Warsaw Uprising that is celebrated in Poland vastly. When I was younger I even wrote a poem for these all kids and teenagers who mostly fought then and who died for Poland. To be a patriot is something that requires the biggest price sometimes but why the youngest and the most innocent pay it most often.... that is a big mystery for ever:(

Here is a short text about Warsaw Uprising:

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 — a heroic and tragic 63-day struggle to liberate World War 2 Warsaw from Nazi/German occupation. Undertaken by the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), the Polish resistance group, at the time Allied troops were breaking through the Normandy defenses and the Red Army was standing at the line of the Vistula River.

Warsaw could have been one of the first European capitals liberated; however, various military and political miscalculations, as well as global politics — played among Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) — turned the dice against it.

This site is dedicated to all those who fought for their freedom in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 as well as all those who, as civilians, perished in the effort.

Welll - I prefer reading about Grunwald Battle as I can be sincere. I simply don't like things that are unequal and end tragically as Warsaw Uprising finished. I don't like unequal fights and hypocrisy of this world. I don't like historical doom and all these great collapses that history brings with itself each time when it circles its mysterious circle again.
However I cannot forget about history. About this big history of some cities and my own small history that builds my own life.
Read about Warsaw Uprising also here:
There are a lot of links on that side. Also some photos :
where you can see that mostly young people took part and died then. How unequal fight!:(
I never like when kids and innocent, young people pay price only cause they are the most naive and easy to persuade about the importance of their sacrifice.
I simply think it is not honest:(
Read me soon in more colourful entry:)
I don't like such sad entries but probably life is much more black and white than full of the colours that only rainbow can bring with itself. Who knows?:)


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